Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Go Somewhere Already!

We waited two years to get the Roadtrek so that we could start traveling again. We have had it now over a month and where have we gone? No place. Somehow, it just does not seem logical, but getting back into the swing of traveling and getting everything into place to just go, seems like an uphill climb.

I discovered before we took delivery of the Roadtrek that Memorial Day is a major weekend for RV travel. Memorial Day was coming and we would have the Roadtrek - but finding a vacancy at a campground was just about impossible. I searched the areas that we would like to go to, found campgrounds and learned that RVers make reservations for Memorial Day weekend a year in advance. So much for the call of the open road!

We started thinking that we did not have to go on the actual Memorial Day weekend. We could go during the week before or the week after. Great idea. Sure, but the nieces's gymnastics show was the week before - right in the middle of the week. And my very active, nine year old niece had her dance school recital right in the middle of the week after. And then there was the weather - rain, storms - some predicted as dangerous. Of course, the weekend looked good after Memorial Day but our living history unit had an event that weekend. We started wondering if we would ever get away. Now, I do have some reservations already made into the summer - but it just seemed like it was time to get in the thing and drive somewhere with the purpose of having a good time where we got to - not to test out this or that on the Roadtrek, but to use it for its intended purpose - a place to stay at night while we sight-see and have a good time during the day.

There are a few places we thought to go. It has been years since we have been to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut - and that is a possibility for a trip. It has been several years since we have been to Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania for more than a day's drive there and back from Lancaster and with enough time to spend time in the new National Park Service Museum complex - so that is another possibility. It has been many years since we have been to Plymouth, Massachusetts - though it requires more than a couple of days for the distance. Well, that is a possibility too. And then Atlantic City, New Jersey is always a good overnight trip - not for the gambling - I am not much of a gambler, though I enjoy the excitement and energy of a casino - but I have always liked the Atlantic City Boardwalk - from before there were casinos on it. (While many casinos allow RV overnight parking in their lots - there is an Atlantic City ordinance that prohibits it - so a campground about twenty miles away is required for overnighting to AC.)

Lots of places - all we need it to have previously un-reserved time - cooperative weather - no work complications - and a campground vacancy. Heck, we even have a coupon for a buy one get one night free at a KOA campground in the month of June. So we are going - someplace - sometime - soon. I will let you know after we get there!

Oh, and the Friday night of Memorial Day weekend - we spent the night on the driveway - in the Roadtrek.


  1. We bought our RV in October, knowing we would not be able--which means we would not have time--to use it until this summer. We finally took it out for the first time this week--we loved it. You'll get there.

  2. Rian - we delayed the purchase until April just so that it would not sit on the driveway for the winter. We should have been out right now - but with the heat over 100 for where we were going for outdoor activity it did not make much sense.

    Yes, we will get there!

  3. >While many casinos allow RV overnight parking in their lots - there is an Atlantic City ordinance that prohibits it

    Hi Robert, Alan here (from recent emails), I've read the stuff on the Roadtrek site about the RT often being allowed to go where RVs usually can't. Was it caution that made you heed this particular limitation or is there some maintained list of exclusions people have found that apply/don't apply to RTs? Cheers, -Alan

    1. The law applied to all vehicles - no overnight parking.