Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I would just like to wish all of our readers and Roadtrek friends the most pleasantest of holidays. I had hoped to have some tales of a December Roadtrek winter trip that we had planned but the trip for un-Roadtrek related reasons just did not happen. My RT is winterized and sitting out now waiting for the season to change and new adventures to come. Though there is one service I need to get to the dealer for before the Spring - so perhaps there will be one more trip to come.

The Holiday Season did get me thinking about how those who travel during the holidays decorate the inside of their Roadtreks for Christmas. Have you put a Christmas tree inside your Roadtrek? If you have email me a photo and I will show it in an article about Christmas in Your Roadtrek. Email me photos of Chanukah in your Roadtrek too!  Of course, there is no chimney for Santa to come down - I hope he does not mistake the black tank vent for a chimney! :)

Happy Holidays to all! AND a Very Happy New Year!

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