Wednesday, July 10, 2013


This article is an exercise in presenting a trip in the Roadtrek in a different way and it is also being written in a different way which I will not reveal until the end. We are about to undertake a road trek in our Roadtrek. I am going to take you though this trip with us day by day from preparation to departure to return. I will present the mundane and not always interesting things involved in a trip in the Roadtrek. You will get rather the things that happen on some and all trips day by day. Bear with me and you will learn about what you may also need to do when traveling in your Roadtrek.  As I write this at this moment the trip has not yet taken place. Each day after it occurs will be noted. Look upon this as a “Captain’s Log”.

Reservations were made for this trip one year ago - yes, one year ago as this trip takes place over the week of Fourth of July. When we were at this campground a year ago we were advised that if we wanted the same site or any reservation at all for the following year then we better make it right then. I did decide about a month before the trip to increase the trip by a day at the beginning. The campground did have a site but not the site that we had reserved for the rest of the trip. This was not a problem. We would just move the next day into the other site. I made the reservation. The destination for this trip is Lancaster, PA where I have spent the Fourth of July for almost every year for the last 50 or so years. Lancaster is a home away from home for me and the Roadtrek makes it even more so. The trip will last four nights and five days.

Many look at the Roadtrek and feel that you can just take off at any time- and for some this is true, but we don't keep it ready to go at a moment’s notice. There are things in the house that we need with us that we cannot keep duplicated in the Roadtrek. There are many things that we do have that are always kept in it. It does take us a bit of time to prepare for a trip.

TRIP DAY minus 5 Thursday:

The weather reports for the trip week are not good. As it was this week every day, next week is to be scattered thunderstorms. So far this week we only saw brief showers on Monday. Perhaps next week will be the same. In anticipation of possible rain, Meryl decided to bring some of the bedding items that we had moved into the house after the last trip into the Roadtrek to avoid having wet pillows. These were taken out so that they would not be in the way when we did some work inside the Roadtrek during the month.

We store the pillows and blankets in large laundry bags between trips. These bags usually sit on the seat cushions in the back. 
We also stopped the mail and newspaper for next week. Meryl printed out her check lists for preparing for a trip. This is a list with all the do not forgets on it and it includes all of the things that need to be done when we return. She crosses each item off after it is done and before we leave the house for the trip it must be all crossed off except for the return section that is set off on the page. The list is left home and does not come with us. If as we walk out the door to leave, there is something not crossed off, we better go and get it.

TRIP DAY minus 4 Friday:

I checked the tire pressure using the dash tire monitor. Front tires are both 60 psi . This is where I like them to be. Rear tires are both 81 psi. The rear tires should be 80 but the dash monitor can be off by 2 psi so it is close enough. The tires are good to go.

We plugged into shore power at the house so that we could turn on the air conditioner so that Meryl could go inside an make the beds in the heat. It is better to make the beds before we leave as it takes awhile and it is easier to do this when you are not tired after a day of travel. Many with the power sofa bed just set up the bed each night and if using sleep sacks this is easy to do. We make the king bed with full sets of sheets.   The bed gets made up and stay made up for the entire trip.

The weather reports have not changed, but they not having gotten worse is a good thing. This is reminding me of our main vacation trip last summer where the weather reports were similar. 


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