Thursday, April 14, 2016

Will the RV Season Ever Start?

Spring is here. Since Spring arrived there have been two minor snow storms here in New York, two freeze warnings, and nights still going down into cold temps. I have heard the word "snow" and "measurable" too many times for Spring!

In mid-March, I was thinking about de-winterizing. The temperatures were in the upper 50's and 60's during the day with nights no colder than the 40's. I told this to Meryl and she simply said, "I wouldn't." Of course, I came back with look how good the weather is. She said, "No, don't do it."

She has since said to me, "Aren't you glad that I said not to de-winterize yet?" The temps were dropped into the low 20's that night - in April!  Well, I have said it before, Meryl is always right! In some parts of the country there is still snow coming down - and here in NY we have been in a "polar dip" - Spring and polar should never go together...

There is a very reliable weatherman on NY television - the channel's slogan for him is "He always gets it right!" and most of the time he does. Last week he looked at this week and said the 70's would be back again. So far that has not happened and this week he is saying the same for next week. I am hoping that next week he really is right. I very much would like to de-winterize and know that the Roadtrek is ready to go. But I am waiting.  At this point I am hoping for the last week in April. It would be nice to consider getting in and going even for a day or two and I know that I could do that with the antifreeze still in the system and using no water, but it is just not the same. It is so much easier having full tanks of water and using the facilities the way they are intended to be used.

If you are considering de-winterizing and you are in the Northeast, think twice about it and follow the  forecasts on temperatures. It would be a shame to have gone all winter with no problems and then de-winterize only to have everything freeze in April. Well. Meryl is always right.

And, it is after April 1st and the campgrounds are open! I guess they will wait and so will I. 

Soon. Soon.

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