Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Links for RVers

While we are all waiting to actually get this show on the real road, I thought I would share with you some links that I have found that are a great resource for RVing in the US and Canada.

The first is a site that shares with you reviews of RV campgrounds - both commercial and public. You get the details of what the campground has to offer - type of electric service, water, sewer, cable, wifi - and also reviews written by people who have stayed at the campground. The campgrounds are indexed by the towns they are in - put in the state and then pick the town. The only drawback is that if you don't know the town you are looking for, you may not locate a campground. When you go to this site read through a number of reviews and be aware that some people like to knock things for reasons that may not effect you at all, but for the most part these reviews are considered by many to be on target. You also get a link to the campground's webpage and also a map of its location. You will also see at the top of the page other towns with campgrounds within the area - by clicking on any one of those you are taken to that town's campgrounds.


This next site fixes the one problem with the above website - it will let you put in a location and it will show you a map with all of the campgrounds around that location - so for example, if you want a campground near Washington, D.C., you put in Washington, D.C. and you get a mapped centered on that city. Move around the map - scroll it up or down, side to side and you will find all the campgrounds - regardless of knowing the town or not. And this site links you to the reviews of the above site. This is a perfect combination. And a great help if you are going someplace and need to know what campgrounds are around there.


Need to dump your waste tanks and don't know where to go? Here is a site that lists them all -


Need to know the RV/Trailer regulations for any state - here is a site to go to:


Here is one last one. Need advice from other RV owners? Have a problem or need to ask a question of experienced RVers? Here is a site for all types of RVs that will help you quickly.


Perhaps when there is another lull I will share some more...


  1. Here's another good link. It's another blog made by a guy who's been fluutiming in a Class B for three years. Lots of places to see, some modifications, and how he did them, etc. Very good read, and looking forward to reading the rest of yours!

  2. Oops... Here's the link: