Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Holiday Gift from Roadtrek

I want to pass along to all of our readers an offer that I received by email today from Roadtrek. They are offering cash if you buy a Roadtrek before December 31, 2016. The details of the offer follow as presented in the email by Roadtrek -

  • $3,000 consumer cash back or apply as a discount on your negotiated purchase price on new in-stock E-Trek, RS Adventurous, and CS Adventurous models
  • $2,500 consumer cash back or apply as a discount on your negotiated purchase price on new in-stock 170 Versatile, 190 Popular, 210 Popular models
  • $2,000 consumer cash back or apply as a discount on your negotiated purchase price on new in-stock Zion, and Zion SRT models
Season's Savings ends at midnight December 31st, 2016
Roadtrek has made similar offers over the years during various holiday and general promotions. The best part is that you go into a dealer and make you best deal - don't even mention that you know about this offer. Get a great price from the dealer and you will get this cash back - or they say it can be applied as a discount off that purchase price from the dealer. 

A few things to note - this is only on IN-STOCK Roadtreks. That means it does not apply to ordering from the factory. Also, this does not apply to pre-owned Roadtreks being sold by a dealer or a Roadtrek that already has been discounted by the dealer.  (Sometimes a dealer will have a past year model that they deeply discount - so this does not apply to that.) There are other conditions that apply as well. 

Just to be clear about exactly what the email states, here is the rest of the email word for word - 

"Offer VALID on NEW Roadtreks purchased between December 1st - December 31, 2016 at midnight.
Applies to all current in stock dealer inventory of New Roadtreks. Pre-Owned Roadtrek models currently in dealer inventory do not qualify.
Cash Back incentive can be applied to the negotiated price with your participating dealer, or can be sent directly to you after taking possession of your new coach.

For more details about the offer, contact a member of our sales team"
After that link it goes on to give a link to a Dealer Locator. I did not include that here. My suggestion is to contact the email link in the sentence above and get all the details for yourself from Roadtrek directly. If you are about to make a purchase of a new Roadtrek, this is the time to save some money. Here is the entire offer on the Roadtrek website.
I am just passing this information along to our readers. I AM NOT encouraging anyone to buy a Roadtrek or any other RV NOR recommending buying a Roadtrek or any other RV. I AM NOT connected with Roadtrek in any way other than owning one that I paid for. I DO NOT represent Roadtrek in any way. THIS SITE AND MERYL AND ME HIT THE ROAD HAVE NO CONNECTION TO ROADTREK. THIS SITE AND MERYL AND ME HIT THE ROAD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS OFFER. ROADTREK HAS NOT ASKED ME, MERYL AND ME HIT THE ROAD, OR THIS SITE TO SHARE THIS OFFER WITH YOU OR ANYONE. This article is presented ONLY to be nice and share this information with our readers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I really did not want to winterize the Roadtrek this year until the very last minute. I don't know - maybe the chance of a late Fall trip, though we just got back from an early November trip a few weeks ago. Both of us felt this way, but we knew that we could not take a chance that the upper 30's nights might suddenly change for the worse, and we could always head out without water for a trip as we have done in the past. So we winterized.

There recently was a comment/question asked on one of our posts if winterizing is necessary if there is no water in the water system. When we ended the last trip I dumped the fresh tank and opened all of the faucets and flushed the toilet. One would think that there should be no water in the system with that, but coming to winterize just a couple of weeks later, turning on the faucet - no water pump on - water came out. Turning on the faucet with the water pump ON - a lot of water came out. And following that more water came out when the antifreeze went in pushing the rest of the water out. So yes, you still have to winterize even if you think that there is no water in the system - because there is. The antifreeze pushes remaining water out and replaces it in the pipes and valves. 

In case you think that I have all the steps right there in my head, before I do anything like winterizing on the Roadtrek that I have written about, I print out the entire article - with photos and use that to follow every step. I know that if I didn't I would miss something. While we did the winterizing this year, as every year, those instructions were with us and we read and did each one by one.

We had drained the tanks at the end of our last trip and dumped the black and grey tanks, then put some RV antifreeze down into the black tank so that it would not dry out until we did winterized. Draining the tanks can take the most time when winterizing. We had drained the hot water tank also. What we had to do when winterizing was get the antifreeze into the plumbing and the tanks. The job took about an hour. If we had to wait to drain the tanks or deal with the hot water tank, it would have taken longer. I bought four gallons of RV Antifreeze. I used two. I will keep the rest for next year.

While winterizing I realized a few things that while are not generally talked about in the winterizing process are a good thing to do and I have NOW added those to our step by step winterizing article. Here is what I have added.

When we first learned how to winterize at a paid private winterizing lesson given to the two of us by the Roadtrek dealer/service where we bought the Roadtrek, after he put the antifreeze into the pipes, he turned the hot water heater bypass valves quickly out of bypass and back again. He said that he does this and was not sure if anyone else did. My concern about following this in the past was that it would put some antifreeze into the hot water tank which I have been reluctant to do. Since over the years we have had a two hot water heater bypass valves freeze (or at least go bad) over the winter, I decided that perhaps this small step would be a good addition to the process. That step has now been added to our winterizing guide.

The other thing that I have changed and updated is the place in the process that winterizing the macerator pump comes at. Here is what happened. We followed the original steps in their order and when we went through the process of putting RV antifreeze into the macerator pump, a lot of water came out of the black tank into our "dump bucket" (also called the "doody bucket" 😉 ) before the pink antifreeze that we had put in the tank came out. I realized that we really should put some more antifreeze into the black tank. I thought - no problem - when we are done with the macerator we will just open the toilet flap and pour more antifreeze down the toilet into the black tank. Well, when I stepped on the toilet peddle the antifreeze that was in the toilet pipe and the toilet valve came out into the toilet. The water pump was off, but it still came out. What I figure is that this was in under pressure and flowed out when the valve was activated. So much for the idea of putting more antifreeze down into the black tank because I did not want to let all of the a/f in the toilet valve and pipe out - so my foot came quickly off the pedal and that was that. To replace the a/f I would have to reconnect the winterizing valve hose - which was off, cap tightened back on, etc. or get out the winterizing antifreeze hand pump again, connect it to the city water connection outside and pump a/f into the lines to the toilet. We both decided that what was in the lines now and the black tank was good enough - and stopped. BUT from now on and in our winterizing guide the winterizing valve and a/f hose will not be taken out until the macerator is done and all will be in place to put antifreeze back into the black tank and keep it in the toilet lines.

So our Roadtrek is winterized. More trips are not out of the question if we travel in no water conditions which is OK but not great. But now I look forward to the Spring. But there will still be articles until then, so come around every two weeks and we will keep you informed and entertained.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!