Wednesday, July 17, 2013


TRIP DAY minus 3 Saturday:

Since the sun was shining despite the weather report - still good - I decided to fill the fresh water tanks. Meryl had suggested this but I had thought not be have the water in the tanks for so long, but we might as well take advantage of the weather. The water will stay good in the tanks for a very long time. We a set of fresh water hoses at the house. Our outside spigot is in the yard and we need about 30 feet of hose to reach the Roadtrek. One 10 foot hose and one 25 foot hose does it The hoses are connected with an RV water filter in between. Filling the two fresh tanks went easy with the hose fill tube on the end. I fill the tanks through the holes in the door frames, front tank first. I turned the water on to run very slowly. I think now that this is the secret to get no back flow and pockets of air in the tanks. I turned the water spigot less than one eighth of a turn. It may take er to fill but it saves the time it was taking to clean the water that spilled out before'

It took 40 minutes to fill the tanks including getting out the hoses setting them up, filling the tanks, turning on the water pump to make sure all works , and putting it all away.
I also pulled out the USB flash drive that I keep in the Roadtrek with manuals on it to update it.

TRIP DAY minus 2 Sunday:

Today was spent doing local non-Roadtrek errands and shopping for a few food items to bring on the trip. Tonight Meryl packaged dry foods we will take with us in airtight sealed plastic containers. All food placed into the cabinets are sealed this way so as to not attract insects or other unwanted critters.

TRIP DAY minus l Monday:

Clothing for the trip was put together today and packed into the laundry bags that we will have with us for the trip. They clothes are taken out to the Roadtrek in these bags. Of course it is actually raining today. In the Roadtrek the clothes were put on the hanging shelves that we have in the wardrobe closet. Extra shoes for the trip were brought out and put in the rear overhead cabinet.

The Garmin GPS from our car was moved into the Roadtrek. The Tom Tom in the dash does not show traffic ahead. Cameras were brought out and put in a safe location. We discovered while we were out there that the remote thermometer's batteries had died. This was a reminder to check the batteries in the walkie-talkies that we use if Meryl has to go out and guide me backing up.

I then left Meryl so that she could bring out the non-perishable food items and pack them in the upper kitchen cabinets. She also brought out items for the fridge that can keep in it until we turn it on just as we are leaving. Must keep cold things will be put in the fridge at the last minute before we leave. For us, this is primarily my insulin pens. If we need groceries along the way we will just buy them then.

Inside the house a bag is kept out to put all of the things needed for this night and the morning. This comes out to the Roadtrek as we are ready to leave. 



  1. I like keeping the shoes at ground level. The upper cupboard in the back on drivers side and the one next to it near the microwave have no openings where pipes and wires come through so they are more mouse proof. Just a thought- another 190 Pop owner.

    1. Anything that will attract pests is kept in sealed, airtight, containers in the upper cabinets over the sink. More about that to come! The shoes that get stored are the just in case shoes - just in case the ones we are wearing get wet or damaged, start to hurt, etc. If we can get by the whole trip with the shoes we wear out of the house when we are leaving we do- and at night those go on the floor between the front seats, ready to wear the next morning.

    2. I should add that slippers are always in the Roadtrek for each of us and are usually under the hat in the photo above. I moved them for the photo. Also when you all look at that photo of the closet, I added the boards to the flexible shelves to give them more stability and they actually hold a little more this way.

  2. Would you mind taking photos of the full cabinets and fridge, etc. sometime after packing some time so i can get a feeling for how much they actually hold if you don't mind?

    Thanks for doing this and all your writeups. it is really helping us with our decision to downsize from a class a.

    Katy in NH

    1. I will do this during the next trip. Contact me through the contact link and I can email them to you when I have them. I will post them to an article but it will take some time for it to appear here. My fridge is not the standard Roadtrek 3-way and my Nova Kool is a little larger inside. We also do not carry much in the fridge other than medication and drinks.