Wednesday, August 14, 2013


TRIP DAY 4 Friday (Last Night):

When we got up this morning it was hot and sunny. First thing this morning, getting outside, Meryl went to ask at the office for our missing reflectors. The office did not have them. Someone has taken them. Sad, that in a private commercial campground some people cannot respect property that they may come across in someone's site - no  matter how innocuous that thing may be. There were six reflectors and they are all gone. There will be some type of sign made before our next trip - either Meryl will embroider a banner or I will make a laminated sign that will get posted. "JUST OUT FOR THE DAY. BACK TONIGHT. Please do not touch or move anything on this site.”  I will stick to this polite version because what I am thinking can’t go on a sign in a public place.

We spent the day at the Green Dragon Farmer's Market which is only open on Fridays. I will be writing an article just about this market. The market was crowded and the parking lots were near full. The guy directing traffic in the parking lot looked at the Roadtrek and wisely directed us where I had intended to head to park on my own - in the far end of the field - parking here is on grass and semi-gravel fields. We did not go as far as where there were other RVs parked but we went into an open area and parked where the Roadtrek could take up two spaces back to front. It was a long walk from there to the extensive market grounds. 

When it was time for lunch we bought sandwiches at one of the many food counters and went back to the Roadtrek, started the generator, and turned on the air conditioner. We had lunch in cool comfort!  There were a few things that I came to the market to find but only found a few of the things I was looking for. I did find a book at the used bookstall of the musical play "1776" which is a favorite of ours - how interesting to have found this on the fifth of July!  We spent most of the day at the market.

After Green Dragon we went over to some of the outlet stores that have been in this area long before outlet stores became so popular just about everywhere you go now. Nothing on the "check for in PA list" was found.

The refrigerator was still inconsistent and we are putting it down to the intense heat both outside and inside the Roadtrek when the Roadtrek sits parked in the sun.

I had intended to buy gas last night but didn't. Gas actually went down in price here by two cents on the Fourth of July. I looked at the gauge this afternoon and the tank was close to only a quarter full - that meant a shocking total on the pump. It was not so bad  but still just under $70.

When we got back to the campground at night, the people in the trailer next to us were out with a campfire, two picnic tables, and six children running around - unsupervised. There was a scooter on the edge of the grass into our site and I did not say anything and maneuvered backing into the site without running it over. Once we finally got into the site, one of the younger kids came over to move it a couple of feet off our site. 

The pleasant view of our neighbor's clutter - and I leave for the day and my things are taken!!!

We hooked up and went inside. Turning on the two front dome lights that light the front seating "lounge" area, we found that one of the bulbs was burned out. It surprised me that these bulbs that are barely used would burn out in two years.  I know how to remove the fluorescent ceiling fixture covers but I have no ideas how to remove the dooms off of these lights to get to the bulb.  I also have no idea what size bulbs these fixtures take but I know that the bulbs can only be purchased in an RV store- of which there is a lack near home. I went on the Roadtrek Facebook group and asked the group how to remove the dome cover to replace the bulb. At the moment I am waiting and hoping for a reply. There may be a few places that I could look around here before we head back home tomorrow night starting with the campground store.

The odor is evident from the toilet again tonight. Tomorrow is our last day and the tanks will be dumped as planned in the morning. The popcorn odor seems to have dissipated today. 



  1. Christine OberhofferAugust 18, 2013 at 4:22 PM

    To get that front dome off gently push up or I should say in and turn gently counter clockwise or clockwise, which ever works and the dome comes off. We have the 190 Pop 2011 and we replaced the light bulb with Green Long Life Low heat energy efficient super bright LED's The package says G4 replacement LED bulb 1.04 watt 78 Lumens and the package has 2 one for each .

  2. An article about changing the light bulbs will becoming soon.