Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Holiday Gift from Roadtrek

I want to pass along to all of our readers an offer that I received by email today from Roadtrek. They are offering cash if you buy a Roadtrek before December 31, 2016. The details of the offer follow as presented in the email by Roadtrek -

  • $3,000 consumer cash back or apply as a discount on your negotiated purchase price on new in-stock E-Trek, RS Adventurous, and CS Adventurous models
  • $2,500 consumer cash back or apply as a discount on your negotiated purchase price on new in-stock 170 Versatile, 190 Popular, 210 Popular models
  • $2,000 consumer cash back or apply as a discount on your negotiated purchase price on new in-stock Zion, and Zion SRT models
Season's Savings ends at midnight December 31st, 2016
Roadtrek has made similar offers over the years during various holiday and general promotions. The best part is that you go into a dealer and make you best deal - don't even mention that you know about this offer. Get a great price from the dealer and you will get this cash back - or they say it can be applied as a discount off that purchase price from the dealer. 

A few things to note - this is only on IN-STOCK Roadtreks. That means it does not apply to ordering from the factory. Also, this does not apply to pre-owned Roadtreks being sold by a dealer or a Roadtrek that already has been discounted by the dealer.  (Sometimes a dealer will have a past year model that they deeply discount - so this does not apply to that.) There are other conditions that apply as well. 

Just to be clear about exactly what the email states, here is the rest of the email word for word - 

"Offer VALID on NEW Roadtreks purchased between December 1st - December 31, 2016 at midnight.
Applies to all current in stock dealer inventory of New Roadtreks. Pre-Owned Roadtrek models currently in dealer inventory do not qualify.
Cash Back incentive can be applied to the negotiated price with your participating dealer, or can be sent directly to you after taking possession of your new coach.

For more details about the offer, contact a member of our sales team"
After that link it goes on to give a link to a Dealer Locator. I did not include that here. My suggestion is to contact the email link in the sentence above and get all the details for yourself from Roadtrek directly. If you are about to make a purchase of a new Roadtrek, this is the time to save some money. Here is the entire offer on the Roadtrek website.
I am just passing this information along to our readers. I AM NOT encouraging anyone to buy a Roadtrek or any other RV NOR recommending buying a Roadtrek or any other RV. I AM NOT connected with Roadtrek in any way other than owning one that I paid for. I DO NOT represent Roadtrek in any way. THIS SITE AND MERYL AND ME HIT THE ROAD HAVE NO CONNECTION TO ROADTREK. THIS SITE AND MERYL AND ME HIT THE ROAD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS OFFER. ROADTREK HAS NOT ASKED ME, MERYL AND ME HIT THE ROAD, OR THIS SITE TO SHARE THIS OFFER WITH YOU OR ANYONE. This article is presented ONLY to be nice and share this information with our readers.


  1. I recently discovered your blog and I'd like to say it is a great source of valuable information. I've been a van dweller for four and a half years. The last year of that has been in my Roadtrek 190 popular 1998 model and I really do like it, especially after three and a half years in a 1991 Ford cargo van. Thanks again for providing all the useful information on your blog.
    Ray, annapolis md.

  2. After just buying a 2003 RT 190, I've discovered that a service manual might be a good thing to have. Even the dealer hasn't been able to help with some simple things. I don't blame them, because there are so many sub-contracted products in Roadtreks, and the dealer carries maybe 50 different models and makes. How could they possibly fix all the little things that go wrong? Frustrated.

    1. If you are looking for a service manual for the Chevy you should be able to find that as a service book for a 2003 Chevy 3500 van. For the Roadtrek part, there is no single service manual. Evey component has its own manual -- some with their own service manual. For example there is a service manual for download from Onan for the generator. Most RV shops and any Roadtrek dealer/service should not be confused by anything in the Roadtrek - especially a 2003 that does not have any out of the ordinary technology. I have seen a general RV service manual that goes into great technical detail about different components - but again, every manufacturer makes things a little differently and that is where the individual manuals come in. What you can also do is when there is a problem with something that Roadtrek has put together, call the Roadtrek tech support at the factory and let them tell you - or the dealer - how to fix it. They are now supposed to be all geared up to help this way more effectively.