Monday, October 12, 2020


By now, most Chevy Roadtrek owners should know that a year ago Roadtrek was sold out of bankruptcy to a new owner company that is based in Europe. This company made decisions that have grossly effected every Chevy Roadtrek owner. They decided no longer to build Roadtreks on the Chevy chassis - but even worse, they no longer support the Chevy Roadtrek with parts. There are a number of parts in the Chevy Roadtrek that are specific to the Chevy Roadtrek. The new owners sold off all Chevy Roadtrek parts inventory to two different RV dealerships who have both made the parts available to Chevy Roadtrek owners. One dealership bought the parts inventory. This will last as long as what they have has not sold out. The other dealership bought an even more important set of components - they bought the MOLDS that make the lower body work on the sides of the Chevy Roadtreks. These include the bottom side panels - what Roadtrek called the "ground effects", the outside cabinet doors - storage cabinets drawers (drawers in the 210), battery compartment, and door over where the power cord comes out. Why is this so important - without these if your Chevy Roadtrek is in an accident and these parts get damaged without a supplier that is molding new pieces, your Roadtrek can't be repaired. (Before this company got these molds from the "new" Roadtrek, there were some Cheyy Roadtrek owners who were told by body shops that without the parts there was nothing they could do to make repairs - and at least one was told by their insurance company that without repair the Roadtrek would be considered "totaled". 

SO - thank goodness for these two companies. Their prices are expensive but they are the only game in town.

MOBILIFE RV CENTER, Kitchener, Ontario

4166 King St E, Kitchener, ON N2P 2G5



Easy Life Motors, LLC dba Van.Life, Jackson, MS

(833) 433-3332‬


  1. I’m so excited to see a recent comment from you!!! I appreciate all your RT wisdom since I bought a 07 Chevy V last Spring.

    Thus news is sad about the company but I’m glad we have some options.

  2. Thank you for your writing and information. After watching a video by the new president road trip I thought they were going to have info and parts. Got an email back from them no support no information simple stuff like sealant chart they don’t have. I like how every part of the company you mentioned is $550.
    2016 Popular 190

    1. One thing that is for certain is that both of these companies know that they are now the only game in town for Chevy Roadtreks. Yes, I also saw that prices are high - and it is important to try to search the part first before going to MobiLife as some of the parts they have obtained are not Roadtrek specific - meaning that they may be able to be found at RV parts retailers. Those parts that are RT specific - made for Roadtrek specifically are the ones that if this dealer does not have it - then no one does. As to the molded parts - they are essential and the ability of this company to be able to manufacture them is what makes a Chevy Roadtrek now sustainable. When the new RT came in, it looked like our Chevy RTs were no useless - if you can't repair it, it is not worth anything. At least now we have a chance to be able to repair them. But when their inventory is depleted we are once again between a rock and a hard place.